Post War Dream is a group of independent musicians including Rob Tomlinson (Guitar/Vocals), Tiffany Adams(Piano/Vocals) Justin Patrick Foley (Bass/Vocals) and Jason Gooch (Percussion).  The band synthesizes a unique yet accessible sound from a wide array of genres including folk, pop, and indie.  The group evolved from a two-piece guitar and drum combination to a full outfit utilizing keys, bass, guitar, and drums.  The music is inspired by the repressed wanderlust of millenial wage slavery and the crushing hope of attaining something more.


"The initial outing from Post War Dream, "We'll Be Just Fine," is in many ways, a requiem for a lost generation.  Whether haunted by the pangs of unrequited love, the self-loathing of addiction, or the regrets lost to time, each track is a specter of vanished youth.  Despite the melancholy leitmotifs of the album, the singular message is that regardless of the trials of the anguish and beauty of life, we persevere and emerge wise - willing to endure." - Colin Kenny, independent writer.

For fans of bands like The Lumineers, Death Cab for Cutie, Thrice, Kings of Leon, The Head and The Heart, Fleet Foxes, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons.  

The band has been featured on or in:

88.5 WXPN

Radio 104.5's Live @ 5
Guitar Center's Singer-Songwriter Competition
93.7 WSTW's Hometown Heroes Show
NPR's Tiny Desk Competition
Recovery Unplugged's songwriter competition
98.5 WNUW's radio program
The Deli Magazine



Musikarmageddon Singer-Songwriter winner
Best Americana song nominee for 93.7 Hometown Heroes' Homey Awards
Radio 104.5 Finalist to open up the 9th Birthday Show

"The first track released off Philadelphia band Post War Dream‘s projected 2017 release We’ll Be Just Fine takes a heavy topic and starts a necessary conversation.  “Fading In” details the devastation of addiction, and is meant a beacon for those struggling with it, as well as those who care about them. Heavy percussion and guitar carry the track while delicate harmonies providing a compelling contrast. The lyrics “Started slowly fading in / This is really happening” help to paint a picture of the slippery slope of abuse and the mentality that it won’t happen to you. Rob Tomlinson’s haunting vocals effectively convey the earnest message that Post War Dream is trying to get across to listeners." - Erin Blewett, WXPN's The Key.  

"Post War Dream....This band is Raw, real, and raucous. They dig deep into the depths of their souls, where most are afraid to go, and bring to life the inner dialogue and demons that we all share in melodies that force us to sing alone, in hooks that mesmerize us, and beats that make us instinctively tap our feet and dance to. When they first stepped foot onto WNUW On The Rocks and began to play, I closed my eyes and it sounded like a 6 piece band just by energy alone. You can't believe that two guys can create the sound that they produce. This band is incredible to watch, and even more amazing to listen to." - Sean McDonald, General Manager of WNUW, Neumann Radio

"Indie-rock quartet Post War Dream posted the lead single to its upcoming full-length album, We'll Be Just Fine, which was recorded at Woodbrook Recording and produced by Paul Hocynec. "Fading In" tackles the often difficult topic of addiction, with Rob Tomlinson's weathered-sounding vocals poetically sharing the cautionary tale. Joined by Tiffany Adams, Justin Foley, and Jason Gooch, the group successfully balances warm, heartfelt melodies with instrumental bursts of welcomed release." - The Deli Magazine.

"Philly’s Post War Dream is made up of a group of artists whose main goal seems to be to do it all, and do it all in their own unique and special way. Whether they are painting on stage during their live shows or taking a decidedly DIY approach to nearly every aspect of their newest EP, We’ll Be Just Fine, Post War Dream have a vision they are committed to realizing." - Sean Fennell, The Key at 88.5 WXPN.

"Following that rollercoaster, Post War Dream gave us a different meaning with his deep, emotive velvety voice." - Samantha Sweeney, Rock On Philly.

"I first caught the kids of Post War Dream at an open-mic around town.  Although it was just Rob and Gooch at the time, the pair brought enough energy and passion to their performance for a four-person band...- Alex Shaffer, In The Library.


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